Trail system Status, Updated (5/26/20)

(1) Our trails and parking lots are currently OPEN!

- If the parking lot is full please recreate elsewhere.

- Do not park along the road, highway, or block driveways.

*Overflow parking for Fairgrounds will be signed soon, but is across the road from the split rail fence.

- Recreate at non-peak times.

- Currently there are no porta-potties to eliminate points of contact.

- The East Poultney Bridge on Thrall Road is CLOSED as of 5/26/20 through 2024 (yes, that long) to vehicular traffic, but open for pedestrian and bicycle traffic. Detour signs are posted from VT 30.

(2) Stay home if you are sick, or may have been exposed to COVID-19.

(3) Practice social distancing on trails, intersections, and at trailheads! 

Please “arrive, play and leave”, as per the updated order.  

This means to avoid congregating in groups! 

-Please no tailgating or gathering at trailheads, on trails or at intersections! 

(4) Do not travel out of state to enjoy our trails at this time. 

Per the updated order:

- Outdoor recreation is open for in-state opportunities.

- Any individual returning to, or traveling to, Vermont from another state or country for non-essential reasons continues to require 14-days of self-quarantine before engaging in any activities.

(5) Know Before You Go:

Please respect these guidelines to ensure our trails stay open! Thank you for your cooperation and support in these times!

Lewis Deane Nature Preserve: Please respect the same guidelines as above.

Other Useful Tips & Reminders:

- Trails and COVID-19 (Trail Finder)

- Leave No Trace During COVID-19

- Please do not shortcut any switchbacks, or make your own trails. 

- Pick up after yourself and your dog. 

- Check for ticks!

Use Trailforks in these ways:

- Favorite our network to see reports and get updates.

- See current trail conditions and any closures/advisories.

- Use the app to navigate while you are on the trails and offline.

- Submit Trail Condition Reports you see while out on the trails (photos help).

- You may also use the "Report Issue" form on our website ( at this time you can't include photos without sending an additional email).

Trail Etiquette / Mud Season / Thaw Cycle Info

Muddy rut in snow

Trails are fragile when they are wet or thawing out! Wet trails are easily damaged, requiring time,

As with other trails systems in New England, SVT does not recommend you hike, run or ride bikes on trails until trails are dry. Sometimes this isn't until sometime in late April or May. Choose your adventure wisely this time of year!  

As a non-profit trail stewardship organization that relies upon volunteers for annual and emergency trail maintenance we ask that you abide by the following when using our trails:

1) Before you head out, check SVT Trail Conditions. You should do this wherever you want to hike/bike anyhow as a regular practice.  

2)  Avoid trails when they are thawing (warm) or after rain.  Go earlier or later in the day when trails are frozen. 

3) Avoid leaving ruts & footprints.

4) Avoid going around puddles & ice,this widens trails.


5) Seek alternative, drier options if you can't follow the above

If you are unfamiliar with Mud Season protocol. we recommend reading this blog post by the Green Mountain Club.  

Also watch this video by Leave No Trace Centers for Outdoor Ethics about Durable Surfaces.

Thank you ! We hope to see you at a Spring Trail Clean Up Day in the future!

Other Helpful Trail Info


SVT on TrailFinder

The SVT trail network and gravel ride network are on !

Use this resource to find other trail networks in Vermont by type of activity, location, etc!

Trail Maps

SVT Trail Maps and information under Foot or Bike

Don't' forget about the SVT Gravel Ride network . We have PDFs and links to the waypoints!