Bicycling and foot trails in the Slate Valley region of southwestern Vermont 

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On Foot

Enjoy peaceful nature walks and spectacular views from a number of peaks in the area! 

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On Your Mountain Bike

We've built several miles of single track in recent years! 

Mountain Bike Trails

On Your Gravel Bike

We've mapped an adventurous network of gravel rides - explore the beautiful countryside! 

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Plan Ahead & Use Trails at Own Risk

* Please download or save maps in advance from our website, or enable maps offline in TrailForks.

* Gravel Rides can also be found on TrailFinder.Info.

* There is limited to no cell service in some areas on SVT Trails depending on your carrier. 

Trail Counter Project

How many people use Slate Valley Trails?  Are they hiking or biking?  We're curious too.  In spring 2019, we are installing TRAFx trail counter systems at several traiheads. We'll report back as we compile the data, and in the future we'll be able to look at trends over time.  Go get counted!

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Slate Valley Trails is a volunteer community group founded in 2015.  We are a registered non-profit organization and a chapter of the 

Vermont Mountain Biking Association (VMBA).  

Our mission is to build, maintain and promote foot and bicycling trails in the Slate Valley region of southwestern VermonSlate Valley Trails

Slate Valley Trails

PO Box 242 Poultney, Vermont, 05764